Workplace Charging Use Case:

Empowering Employee Charging

Elevate the convenience of workplace charging with our dedicated solution. Workplace Charging by EVIE is designed to provide seamless charging access for employees, ensuring their electric vehicle journeys are effortless and efficient.

Meet Sarah, a dedicated employee at a progressive tech company that values sustainability and employee well-being. As the company transitioned to electric vehicles for its corporate fleet, they recognized the importance of providing convenient workplace charging for their staff. This decision not only aligned with their values but also contributed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Thanks to EVIE Charging's Workplace Charging solution, Sarah's experience with charging her electric vehicle was transformed. Here's how the benefits outlined earlier came to life:

Optimized Billing and Reimbursement:
Sarah never worried about managing charging expenses. The Workplace Charging system seamlessly tracked her charging sessions and efficiently billed her account, ensuring hassle-free reimbursement.

Integration with Employee Management Tools:
With integration into the company's employee management platform, Sarah's charging access was automatically synchronized. She didn't need to go through a complex authorization process; the system recognized her and provided access effortlessly.

Seamless Guest Card Management:
On occasions when guests visited the office, Sarah effortlessly generated guest cards through the system. She was able to provide her visitors with access to the charging infrastructure without any administrative hurdles.

Employee-Centric Billing with Charging Station Owner Role:
Sarah appreciated the streamlined billing process. The Charging Station Owner role in EVIE simplified complex billing scenarios, ensuring accurate and efficient charging for employees like her.

User-Friendly Operations for Continuous Usage:
The user-friendly interface ensured that Sarah could initiate charging with ease, without needing extensive training. The system was always operational and dependable.

Robustness and Scalability:
As the company expanded its EV fleet, the Workplace Charging system effortlessly scaled to accommodate the growing demand, ensuring that Sarah and her colleagues always had access to charging.

Multi-Tenant Capability for Diverse Locations:
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Private Charging Evaluation and Reimbursement Handling:
Sarah's private charging sessions were seamlessly integrated into EVIE's tracking. The system communicated with the company's expense management platform, making reimbursement a breeze.

Transparent Reporting and Analytics:
For Sarah, transparency was key. She could access comprehensive reports and analytics, allowing her to monitor her charging usage and expenses, contributing to her peace of mind.

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