Multi Client Capability

EVIE excels in multi-client management, offering customizable authorization and secure data separation through advanced API-level user rights management. With services bookable via a super admin and detailed activity records, we ensure operational transparency and compliance.

Charge Point Group Management

EVIE offers multi-level hierarchies to control the system as effectively as possible. For example, they can be used to set:

  • Tariffs
  • Opening hours
  • POI data or
  • Authentication methods

Opening Hours

Our versatile opening hours feature supports various operational levels — from Charge Point Operators (CPO) to individual stations. Facilitate weekly schedules and special occasions effortlessly, guaranteeing your infrastructure's availability aligns with customer demand.

Firmware Management

With EVIE, connected charging stations always operate on the cutting edge. Our firmware management ensures each update meets certification standards, with automated selection and comprehensive status oversight for peak performance.

Tarif Management

Tailor tariffs to meet any requirement, supporting both B2B and B2C models across CPOs, CSOs, EMPs, and more. Our platform accommodates diverse pricing elements, validity intervals, and seamlessly adapts to various currencies and tax rates, enabling strategic pricing optimization.


Powered by Open Search and Kibana, EVIE provides rich, customizable reporting capabilities. From charge point analytics to automated monthly summaries and evaluations across multiple dimensions, our platform delivers actionable insights to drive operational efficiency.

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