About us


At EVIE, we're catalysts for dynamic change in electric mobility. As Charge Point Management pioneers, we reshape charging and drive a sustainable future. Backed by a team steeped in IT and e-Mobility expertise, we blend innovation with excellence.

Our strategic edge lies in market insight, aligning solutions with industry leaders. Collaborating with highly professional software partners, our cutting-edge tech exudes reliability. With a PaaS solution for B2B, we unify Charge Point Management. Partnering with hardware and software experts broadens testing and advancements.

Elektra Charging's journey thrives on collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Join us in forging a greener, interconnected future - a collective endeavor.


Our bedrock is our values, propelling us forward. Our aim? To revolutionize the seamless integration of charging into your company's ecosystem.

Innovation fuels us. We embrace change and collaboration, knowing collective brilliance surpasses individual expertise. Transparency shapes our actions. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's our essence. We're committed to advancing electric mobility and environmental stewardship.

As we transform, our values - purpose, integrity, innovation, collaboration, transparency, and sustainability - remain our guiding light.


Are you ready to ignite change in the electric mobility landscape? At Elektra Charging, we're on a mission to revolutionize how the world charges.

If you're passionate about making a meaningful impact, we want you to be a part of our journey. Join a company where values are the foundation. Our commitment to purpose, integrity, innovation, collaboration, transparency, and sustainability drives every step we take. Be a driving force in shaping a greener, interconnected future with Elektra Charging.

Together, let's redefine electric mobility. Join us and propel change forward. Your expertise and dedication will shape the charging landscape of tomorrow.

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